MOGADOC is a unique database for precise molecular structures in the gas-phase.

When a number of specialized chemistry databases were established in Germany in the beginning of the 1980s, Dr. Barbara Mez-Starck decided also to present electronically her collected information on molecular studies in the gas-phase: she named the special database MOGADOC according to Molecular Gas-Phase Documentation. After the initial funding by the Federal Government of Germany the maintenance, expansion, and the further development of the HTML-based database have been financed by the foundation.

In the meantime (January 2021) the structural-chemical and molecular-physical special database has grown to 12,500 inorganic, organic, and organometallic compounds. The information have been compiled worldwide from 46,400 publications in the following fields:

  • gas-phase electron diffraction since 1930
  • microwave spectroscopy since 1945
  • molecular radio astronomy since 1969

Structural Retrievals

Substances can be also retrieved graphically via structural formulas by means of a structure editor.


MOGADOC presents over 10,800 numerical datasets with bond distances, bond angles, and dihedral angles. By means of a viewer the molecular models can be interactively visualized in three dimensions.

Further Features

The special literature can be easily retrieved by means of controlled keywords for example for rotational constants, centrifugal distortion constants, nuclear quadrupole coupling constants, electric dipole moments, as well as magnetic and molecular-dynamical parameters (such as potential barriers for the hindered rotation).

Retrieval features are described in details in the following publications.


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